DiabeticLink welcomes you to browse and use our website. Since our goal is to provide diabetes management tools that rely on patient-reported data, we ask that you be familiar with this privacy policy which explains how your information will be collected and used. DiabeticLink is affiliated with research at a higher education facility, and as such, our mission is to provide our users and research partners with cutting edge diabetes management tools that rely on data our users share freely (“Shared Data”) on this site. We encourage you to use an alias to remain anonymous if you have privacy concerns, leaving as much or as little information about yourself as you interact with our diabetes management tools or other site members. However, we also ask that you do not reveal home addresses, phone numbers or anything else you wouldn’t want a stranger to know.

Data Collection and Use

We will store your data and potentially make it available to other site users or research partners with the intent of creating a useful educational tool to help patients discover better health management practices. We will absolutely not share any “Restricted Data” (as defined below) with third parties. Both Shared and Restricted Data will be stored on secure servers.

User Consent

By browsing and submitting Personal Information on our site, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and you expressly consent to the processing of your personal information according to this privacy policy.

Shared Data

We collect and may potentially share the following Personal Information that you submit to this site voluntarily:

  • Biographical information you provide in the user profile section (e.g. photos, bios, gender, age, any other notes provided);
  • Condition and disease information;
  • Symptom information;
  • Laboratory results (e.g. HbA1c, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose);
  • Information provided in free text fields (e.g. the discussion forums, journals, feeds, adverse event reports); and
  • Connections to other people on the Site (e.g. mentors, feeds, followers).

Restricted Data

DiabeticLink’s parent company, Caduceus Intelligence Corporation, takes privacy very seriously. We are bound to the highest standards of data protection and will not sell, distribute or otherwise abuse your Personally Identifiable Information, or Restricted Data, as defined below:

  • Email address, Password, or Date of Birth, as collected in the site registration process.

Use of Cookies

DiabeticLink may use cookies to store information about visitor preferences, user-specific information on which pages the user can access or visit, customizable content based on visitor browser type or other information the visitor may provide via his/her browser.