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This section is dedicated to providing valuable information about Diabetes. From the latest news on diabetic treatments and preventions to yummy recipes that cater to diabetic needs, you will find it all on this portal! Each article has been selected after careful analysis of the credibility of the source as well as the article. It is our aim to provide you with authentic data that will help improve your quality of life.

Diabetes News

We bring you the latest news and topics in discussion related to diabetes. These topics range from latest advances in treatments, technology, and research as well as preventive measures and lifestyle suggestions. The articles are displayed in chronological order with the most recent ones on top. Articles can also be sorted using keywords, making your search much simpler and more flexible.

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Researchers discover NGN3 cells, which regulate the production of beta cells in pancreas

Cells that express a particular gene could one day be used to create insulin-producing beta cells to treat diabetes, according to new research. The study, conducted at the University of South Florida, found that neurogenin 3 (NGN3) is the "master gene

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AkibaH: Building a Glucose Meter and Supplies into Your Smartphone Case

Meet yet another new player in the all-in-one diabetes solution game: AkibaH, a San Jose, CA-based startup that aims to offer

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Diabetes Friendly Recipes

The DiabeticLink recipe section differs from other recipe websites in two ways: a) The recipes are collected from authenticated sources and b) these recipes can be sorted not only by categories but also by the number of calories and carbs. The various categories include budget friendly meals, quick recipes, vegetarian specials and more! Mark your favorite recipes and post them on your wall to share with other members and friends.

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Peanut Butter Protein-Blast Smoothie

Enjoy this high-protein smoothie for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. You can also add a Tbsp of cocoa powder to this smoothie to make it even more decadent!

Serving Size:

1 smoothie

Nutritional Facts:

Calories: 350.0
Total Fat: 15.0g
Saturated Fat: 3.1g
Carbohydrate: 23.0g
Fiber: 5.0g
Protein: 32.0g
Cholesterol: 60.0mg
Sodium: 170.0mg
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Diabetes Tweets

Twitter is a great way to explore the latest topics of discussion in diabetic communities. DiabeticLink brings you tweets from 9 different accounts including organizations such as American Diabetes Association, and more. You can follow discussions on different pages and engage in conversations with other Diabetics via the latest social media!

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Diabetes Videos

DiabeticLink also features informative videos about everything Diabetes! It also provides tutorials on how to use glucometers, insulin pumps and other devices for first time users. These videos can be sorted with the help of keywords. All videos on this site are solely dedicated to helping diabetic patients and their friends and families.

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