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Anyone knows?

Hi Jenny, 

When I was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, my blood sugars were running very high because my pancreas was not producing insulin . Therefore, I was very dehydrated, had to urinate often, and felt very tired and weak. 

I typed in "Type 1 symptoms" into the search box on the "diabetes videos" section of this website and it brought me to this video:


It looks very informative. I hope this helps you out!


I'm currently taking a nightly shot of apple cider vinegar. it has worked in the past,i'm hopeful now. Any opinions from anyone would be appreciated... thank you

Hi daddyo43,

Thank you for your comment. 

What type of Diabetes do you have? What does the shot of apple cider vinegar treat?

Your answers to these questions will help me better understand your condition so that I can provide some advice.


Grace Samtani 

Hi Grace

                                            It is for my diabetes,weight loss & general heath. I take 2tspns,twice daily-in the AM & in the PM. Type 2


In response to the question about vinegar, the studies so far are promising in terms of the benefits to Type 2 diabetics. First, there is little evidence in support of weight loss, but it does increase the feeling of being full. Thus, you may be eating less, which would help to control weight. Results regarding the benefit of increasing the body's response to your natural insulin are mixed. However, it is fairly well established that ingesting vinegar with high carb count meals will reduce postprandial sugars. There are no significant benefits when injesting low carb count meals. Regular injestion of vinegar can also improve A1c, but studies thus far have mostly been only preliminary with small sample sizes. The supposed mechanism for the major benefits come from the belief that the vinegar slows the digestion/absorption process.

-Lauren, RN

Also, I would recommend taking it with meals. That seems to be the standard of practice in the studies I reviewed. Plus, vinegar can be hard on the stomach.


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