Children with Diabetes

A Day at the Mall with Diabetes

Shopping diabeticlink As I place my hand on the cool black metal and smile at the people ahead of me, I inhale the greasy scent of french fries and giant, cheesy slices of pizza. The cool air hits me all at once and I welcome the relief from the 114 degree heat as my sandals slap against the white tiled floor. I struggle to take in all of the noise, the sights, the influx of color and movement. I remind myself that I'm here on a mission. It's time to go SHOPPING!!!   Now, I realize that not all people enjoy shopping- but I still think that the mall is a nice place for people to convene and hang out. It has a pleasant, busy atmosphere, lots...

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Is it possible for children with diabetes to reverse their symptoms with diet and exercise since they are still young? Is this a condition that will always be with them?

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Your Community Manager

Grace Samtani is our community specialist who is available to help you get the best out of DiabeticLink. Grace is a Type 1 Diabetic herself and has many years of experience with diabetes. If you have questions about diabetes or the community on DiabeticLink then do not hesitate to contact Grace. You can find her profile here: Grace Samtani

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