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"The news section is great; always wanted to be able to see it all in one location"

Type 1 Diabetic/ Nurse Practitioner, Male, 39

"I love that you can track each of these topics. Diabetes management includes all of these things"

Nursing student, Female, 24

"Very useful for keeping up with charts for PCP (Primary care physician)"

Caregiver, Female, 63

"So far you’re holding my attention and I’ve been up for a while"

Graduate nursing student, Female, 47

"Great to know! I think people should be aware of their risks"

Nursing Student, Female, 24

"A very easy-to-use website with helpful information and a useful calculation tool. It will be a website I’m willing to refer to friends or family members."

Caregiver, Female, 32


This section of the website allows users to track not only their blood glucose levels but their HbA1c levels, dietary intake and other aspects of their overall health, such as their cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight

Risk Engine

Risk prediction has been an important element in modern healthcare. It gives clinicians and patients insights that prompt actions, from giving preventative interventions to informing self-management.

Healthy Eating

We provide diabetes friendly recipes from American Diabetes Association. Beyond that, we categorize the recipes based on the types (vegetarian, foodie, quick, etc.) and courses. We enable recipes search function with categorical and nutritional requirements.

Health Resources

This section is dedicated to providing the user a collection of valuable information about diabetes from a number of sources. From the latest news on diabetic treatments and preventions to yummy recipes that cater to your diabetic needs, all are easily accessible on one platform.


DiabeticLink's community portal is dedicated to helping you connect with others just like you. Whether you are looking for a place to express yourself or just a friend who understands what you are going through, you've come to right place. Share your experiences on our blogs and forums to help yourself and others who need support and guidance in the fight against Diabetes.